Recessing the sub-floor is the first step.

What is a curbless shower?

There are many names for it: zero entry, flush entry, barrier-free, ADA, roll-in…

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A curbed shower example
Part of a bathroom shower and tub

Why do I need a curbless shower?

Whether it is for design, ease of use, or limited mobility, curbless showers are one of today’s most popular bathroom remodeling upgrades.

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Why aren’t curbless showers built everywhere?

Simple. Traditional building practices and plywood floor construction has made curbless showers difficult to achieve.

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Rapid recess bracket product shot

What is the difference in the construction of a shower pan with and without a curb?

The most important difference is that in an ordinary shower with a curb the construction starts on top of the floor. There must be a barrier to keep water from running out of the shower area.

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Curbed Shower Entry

Sideview technical comparison of a curbed shower

Curbless Shower Entry

Side view technical comparison of a curbless shower

It’s that simple.