The subfloor recessing system for Curbless Showers

Plywood subfloor lowering kit.

Designed to provide the necessary depth to install a true, zero-entry curbless shower.

Rapid Recess bracket kit is:

  • Installed from above the joists without the use of a 2×4 frame or compromising the structural integrity of the joists (Rapid Recess doesn’t interfere with plumbing or other obstacles between the joists)
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Render of a finished linear back drain showerRender of the linear back drain brackets
Render of a finished point drain showerRender of a brackets for a point drain shower

Curbless showers made easy.

In today’s construction, most curbless showers are an afterthought. Thus it’s considered tremendously difficult to do. Rapid Recess brackets were designed to solve this problem. Our kits can be used in new construction or remodels by construction pros or DIYers.

Dream big with more design options.

With three kits available, your dream shower design is within reach. Whether you want a point drain or a linear drain, Rapid Recess has a kit that will make your dream curbless shower a reality.

Before image of the linear front drain showerFinished linear drain at the front of the shower

The first step to a curbless shower is recessing the subfloor.

Render of the joists for a linear drain shower


Expose the joists.

Render of the linear back drain brackets


Attach the bracket system.


Recess the subfloor.

Render of a finished linear back drain shower


Finish with shower pan and tile.

It’s that simple.